Now, run more than 40 front-mounted Bobcat attachments with the new Toolcat 5610. This is a revolutionary new model in the company’s line of one-of-a-kind utility work machines.

Toolcat utility work machines accomplish many of the same tasks as a compact tractor, attachment carrier, compact loader, utility vehicle and more. The Toolcat 5610 has an available Category 1 three-point hitch that lets agriculture producers perform a variety of tasks with three-point implements. Customers with existing Category 1 three-point implements weighing up to 1,775 pounds will be able to use them on the Toolcat 5610.

The Toolcat 5610 has an available power take-off to run implements on the rear of the machine to accomplish a variety of tasks. A hydraulically driven motor powers the 540-revolutions-per-minute power take-off to drive implements such as:

  • Augers to dig fence posts
  • Grain augers to move grain and other materials
  • A baler and hay rake                   
  • Multiple-stage mowers for cutting grass
  • Tillers and tine rakes for preparing soil      
  • Sprayers to apply fertilizer
  • Snowblowers to clear driveways and roads of snow

The all-wheel-steer capability of the Toolcat 5610 delivers a tighter turning radius than most all-terrain vehicles. This allows it to do work in areas that other equipment of the same size and capabilities can’t maneuver into. It has a turning radius of 17.5 feet, which is smaller than a pickup truck, compact tractor or utility vehicle. All-wheel steer lets operators mow between trees, travel trails or move material in tight spaces, such as corrals.

The Toolcat 5610 has a side-mounted engine, providing easy access to routine maintenance items. In addition, the onboard diagnostics and machine-shutdown protection feature lessens the chance of damage to the engine or hydraulic components.

For optimal operator comfort, customers can choose an enclosed cab with heat and air conditioning, a CD player and keyless start.

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