Fly season will soon be upon us. To assist with the task of controlling flies, Bayer Animal Health has released QuickBayt Spot Spray, which can be applied to nearly any area to create a “fly-free” zone. It can be applied directly on surfaces where flies tend to rest, such as window sills, ceilings, walls, barn beams and such. It allows treatment in places that can’t be controlled with conventional granular baits. Application can be made outdoors, indoors, as well as in and around animal facilities —  virtually any surface that’s not within reach of consumption by livestock or domestic animals.

QuickBayt Spot Spray is the next generation of fly bait and is the perfect complement to QuickBayt Fly Bait (imidacloprid). With the same powerful active ingredient, the spot spray kills flies in less than 60 seconds. With an indoor application, it can control flies for up to six weeks. The formula contains muscalure and a flavoring agent that flies can’t resist. However, non-target organisms, such as animals, children and pets, will avoid the product due to its bittering agent.

As always, read the entire package label before use. For spray-on use, add 1 pound of product to 1 gallon of water and agitate until mixed. One gallon of finished spray will treat 1,000 square feet of fly-resting surfaces —  providing complete coverage for an area with 2,000 square feet of floor space. For paint-on applications, add 8 ounces of product to 8 ounces of water and mix to desired consistency; apply in narrow bands up to 6 inches wide.

For more information about nuisance fly control, call Bayer Account Services at (800) 633-3796, contact your local animal-health supplier, or go to .