BASF Plant Science and Monsanto announce an agreement to develop and commercialize new corn hybrids with better nutrition for animal feed. The new hybrids will contain BASF’s NutriDense traits that are designed to enhance animal feed performance.

NutriDense corn has higher levels of essential amino acids and energy, greater phosphorous availability and is more digestible.

BASF’s NutriDense traits will be combined with Monsanto’s Roundup Ready Genuity VT Triple Pro and Genuity Smart Stax corn. The new high-quality hybrids are expected to deliver the best feed value and yields equivalent to elite conventional corn. Once launched, seed companies will market the new hybrids through licensing agreements.

“The addition of higher yielding NutriDense corn hybrids from Monsanto, plus increased distribution through Monsanto regional brands and other partners, will allow animal operations to contract the planting of the enhanced-nutrition corn across a broad geography,” says Jonathan Bryant, managing director of BASF Plant Science. 

A better nutritional composition of the grain fed to the animal reduces costs and waste.

Roughly 45 percent of the corn grown in the United States is used as animal feed, with the majority being fed specifically to swine or poultry.