Zinpro Corp. announces the addition of 4-Plex E and Zinpro E organic trace-mineral products to the company’s lineup. The products are allowed for use in the production of organic foods and are officially listed under the Organic Materials Review Institute. OMRI is an independent review panel developed by organic certification agencies.

4-Plex-E contains zinc methionine, ManPro manganese methionine, CuPlex copper lysine and CoPro cobalt glucoheptonate in the same organic complex form as 4-Plex. Zinpro-E contains zinc methionine complex similar to Zinpro 100. Both 4-Plex-E and Zinpro-E are now available for purchase in the United States through all standard Zinpro Corp. distribution channels.

With the new listing and designation, 4-Plex-E and Zinpro-E have successfully completed the OMRI product review process and are assigned the OMRI status of “allowed for use” as an input to a certified organic product.

“We’re proud to be the first and only organic trace-mineral manufacturer to receive this OMRI-listing designation,” says Joseph Carrica, vice president sales and marketing, Zinpro Corp. “Our U.S. customers will reduce their time and expenses on product approval, as OMRI has already completed their review,” he adds. 

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