Now you can effectively manage the process of selecting and loading the right pigs onto trucks when selling out of finishing barns. MetaFarms’ Sales Manager links detailed finishing-group records to market-hog sales data. Records can be imported automatically from packers, making it possible for pork producers to track and measure carcass data at the individual pig level. 

Having this data at hand makes it easy to figure out what market weights will give producers the best price for a load. At the same time, the software gives them access to “one-click” reports for fast feedback on load-by-load weight distributions.  

“Tracking and analyzing the details behind market-hog sales and carcass data has been a missing piece in pork producers’ management systems,” says Tom Stein, MetaFarms chief executive officer.  “There’s nothing a producer can do on the cost side of the business that even comes close to the bottom-line, cash-in-your-pocket impact that more effectively managing market-hog sales gives you.”

“With the challenging economic conditions of the pork industry, Sales Manager helps us identify the optimal market weight to maximize profit and make better sales decisions,” according to Craig Rowles, DVM, president of Elite Pork Partnership.

Using Sales Manager, producers can set sales targets, continuously see load-by-load weight distributions, schedule market shipments and run comparison reports. For more, information, go to