Now you can increase your knowledge on soybean production quickly and easily with the convenience of an online classroom. Syngenta is offering a resource focused entirely on providing solutions to the agronomic challenges faced by soybean growers so they can produce a successful yield.

The website resource features a variety of farming and product information to help growers maximize soybean production.

“The demand for soybeans continues to rise while the agronomic challenges expand,” says Wendell Calhoun, communications lead at Syngenta. “U.S. soybean production requires more intensive crop management in order to maximize yield to meet this demand.”

The site includes commodities information, links to product information, multimedia and other resources. A main feature of the site is the regularly updated Soybean Insider blog, which discusses the most relevant and timely topics.

The weekly blog, along with multimedia, can be delivered to your email weekly upon registration. For more information, go to