With social media increasing in importance you may need some ideas on how to utilize the related communication tools.

Help is now available for the agricultural community to grow business through social media and become agvocates for the industry. Syngenta, a leader in online technologies, has developed the “Growing Digital” blog.

The blog includes a series of instructional articles with tips on social media topics ranging from setup and available platforms to business and personal use. It includes video instructions on creating an account on Twitter and Facebook. 

Topics will be based on the user’s level of social media experience so that the beginner as well as the advanced social media user finds useful information.

“Agriculture is becoming more ‘social’ and there’s a wealth of information available through Internet and mobile technologies that have changed the way we get information, like weather and commodities,” says Rosalyn Moore, Internet marketing lead at Syngenta. “But that information can be overwhelming, especially when these technologies range from personal use to benefitting your business. Our goal is to provide direction on these technologies.” 

For more information, visit GrowingDigitalBlog.com and follow on Twitter and Facebook.