Odor Cell Technologies has developed a patent-pending hybrid biofiltration system that advances the technology to a new level in air-quality control. The company’s second- and third-generation technologies combine the essential principles of biofiltration with a user-friendly design that produces a small environmental footprint while substantially improving air quality. Media management and access to the “point-of-contact,” where the emissions first come in contact with the filtering media, allow this leap in efficiency.

Traditional biofilters have a tendency to accumulate particulate matter that coats the point-of-contact, causing high pressure drops and uneven distribution of airflow or channeling. The filter becomes inefficient and the entire system is compromised. This can occur rapidly when large amounts of particulate matter are present in the emissions.  Without access to the point-of-contact, there is no way to remedy this progression.

The company’s second-generation Slant Cell and third-generation Hooped Cell control particulate matter loading and subsequent fouling of the system. The biological activity within the odor cells creates a micro-ecosystem that is actually a network of micro-organisms interacting with a feedstock of emissions provided by the exhaust fans. The naturally-occurring organisms within the media utilize the particulate matter to sustain the active microbial communities which, in turn, reduce ammonia and hydrogen sulfide concentrations. In effect, it creates a self-sustaining, self-cleaning air-quality system.

The Slant Cell uses a stainless-steel tray to hold the recommended organic media and has an accessible capture chamber below the media bed where emissions are captured and allowed to pass through the media from the bottom up.  A porous floor made of polyvinylchloride-coated wire mesh, or other suitable porous material, is used to contain the media.  This design allows for varying media depths between 5 inches and 20 inches and accommodates various ventilation rates.

The Hooped Cell uses an elevated horizontal, stainless-steel tray to contain the filtering media and has an accessible capture chamber above the media bed that captures the emissions and allows the air flow to pass through the media from the top down.

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