Reduction in crusting and solids in manure pits and waste systems is crucial for maximizing storage capacity and maintaining pit performance.

Now, Hubbard Feeds will distribute Bioverse waste-management products AgraSphere and Activator Plus. These products use naturally occurring, benefi cial bacteria to reduce sludge build-up and prevent crusting.

“Our customers need ways to reduce solids build-up, control insects and reduce odors in their barns and pits,” says Ernie Hansen, swine group leader for Hubbard Feeds. “The all-natural, fast-acting Activator Plus, combined with the 24/7 inoculation feature of the AgraSphere for continuous
maintenance, make an effective, affordable solution for pork producers.”

Bioverse agricultural waste-management products were the featured topic in the September edition of The Hub, an exclusive podcast from Hubbard Feeds. Pork producers, nutritionists and veterinarians can sign up for a free subscription at

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