A new website is now available to help you with information on treatment of common swine bacterial diseases impacting U.S. pork production operations. The new website, us.denagard.com, provides information to help producers reduce the risk of enteric and respiratory swine diseases through prevention practices and properly timed therapeutic treatment.

Health-management strategies for controlling disease in both nursery and grow/fi nish pigs are included on the website. In addition to disease information, prevention strategies and administration guidelines, the website also offers an email alert sign-up and quick access to app downloads.

“The website design combines a fresh look and valuable information in an easy-to-access format,” said Doug Sullivan, marketing manager, swine and poultry, Novartis Animal Health.

“We strive to make it easy for producers and veterinarians to interact with and conduct business with Novartis and hope this site refl ects that approach.”

“We’re very pleased to offer this Denagard website as a convenient resource for producers, veterinarians and other industry professionals,” said Mark Hammer, DVM, professional services veterinarian, Novartis Animal Health.

In addition to recommendations for controlling ileitis, swine dysentery, swine pneumonia and other diseases, the new website includes many recent research papers and university diagnostic data.

Denagard Premix can be used alone to control enteric diseases, including ileitis and swine dysentery, or concurrently with chlortetracycline to provide enteric and respiratory disease treatment, respectively, Novartis points out.

Denagard Liquid Concentrate is the only water-based formulation that treats both swine dysentery and swine pneumonia. Its unique formulation allows pigs to receive needed medication quickly and conveniently, even if they’ve gone off feed, the company says.

For more information, visit us.denagard.com or contact your Novartis Animal Health representative.