Faced with sustained high grain prices, more pork producers are increasing the level of distillers’ dried grains with solubles in swine diets. Now, Hubbard Feeds introduces the DesignRite premix line to help producers take advantage of the nutrients supplied by DDGS and reduce overall feed cost.

“The DesignRite program helps producers create the right nutrition program for their pigs based on the level and quality of DDGS being fed,” says Lori Stevermer, swine products manager with Hubbard Feeds. “It’s a very cost-effective program that also minimizes overfeeding and underfeeding of nutrients so that in the end, our customers can get the best return over feed costs for their operation.”

 The DesignRite program is customized to factors for each producer. The flexibility of six different premixes provides the formulation efficiency of a vitamin/trace mineral program with the convenience of a base-mix program. In addition to better DDGS utilization, the precise formulation in Hubbard’s DesignRite program reduces the amount of excess nutrients excreted, making an operation’s nutrition program more environmentally friendly and efficient.

The level and combination of DDGS, corn, soybean meal and other co-products will determine which DesignRite product best fits your operation. When more DDGS is used and/or soybean meal prices are high relative to corn, the high-density DesignRite premixes provide the best return. The high synthetic amino acid levels reduce the amount of soybean meal needed, which increases the diet’s energy density and reduces costs.

Specific nutrient information on the DDGS source will guide recommendations on feeding levels and which DesignRite product best complements the nutrient profile.

 Because DesignRite premixes are formulated to provide the most cost-effective nutrition when pigs eat the most — during late finishing — DesignRite Booster should be used to increase the diet’s nutrient density to meet nutritional needs of pigs weighing less than 120 pounds.

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