The continued spread of resistant weeds along with strong commodity prices has high-yielding corn growers seeking comprehensive weed-management solutions to protect their crops. In response, BASF Crop Protection announces the addition of Armezon herbicide to its innovative herbicide portfolio. Armezon helps growers maximize their yields by controlling tough, yield-robbing weeds while being safe for all corn types.

As a post-emerge herbicide solution for corn, Armezon controls problematic grasses and broadleaf weeds such as common lambsquarters, waterhemp, giant foxtail and crabgrass — including those with resistance to glyphosate, triazines, PPOs and ALS inhibitors.

“Armezon is definitely tough on weeds,” says John Sabatka, BASF product manager. “At the same time, it’s also safe to use on all field and specialty corn, regardless of traits — including the most sensitive varieties.”

Armezon also has a wider application window compared to most other post-emerge corn herbicides on the market, according to the company. It’s an excellent cross-spectrum, tank-mix partner, which makes it particularly helpful for growers who rely on post-application of atrazine or glyphosate to manage tough weeds.

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