In recent months, there has been an inconsistent supply of veterinary injectable iron dextran products in the United States. But, in the offing there is a new, reliable source of injectable iron for baby pigs. Pharmacosmos has announced that its Uniferon will be available soon in the United States, following approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

The company will offer its Uniferon injectable iron dextran in 100-mg/ml and 200-mg/ml formulations to pork producers and veterinarians across the United States.

Uniferon 200 is a ready-to-use injectable iron supplement for baby pigs that prevents iron deficiency anemia, boosts growth and improves health.

Pharmacosmos is a leader in iron therapy, as well as associated pharmaceutical research, and develops, manufactures and markets innovative therapies for the treatment of iron deficiency in both humans and animals.

The company has supplied the U.S. market with high-quality, FDA-approved products for human and veterinary use since the 1980s.

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