Dow AgroSciences has announced a submission to USDA for the approval of the first-ever, three-gene herbicide-tolerant soybean. The genes provide tolerance to Dow AgroSciences’ new 2,4-D product, glyphosate and glufosinate, which make up the Enlist Weed Control System.

“We continue to break new ground in both trait and herbicide technologies, and this soybean submission illustrates how our company continues to raise the bar for our entire industry in innovation,” says Antonio Galindez, president and chief executive officer of Dow AgroSciences. “For growers, this scientific breakthrough will provide a new choice for the best traits in the best germplasm to enhance soybeans. This technology significantly accelerates our growth and position in the soybean business.”

The new Enlist system will offer a more effective combination of herbicides, traits in elite seed genetics and stewardship programs that partner with and improve leading weed-control systems, resulting in exceptional flexibility, convenience and value.

Besides providing growers with a choice of glyphosate-tolerant soybean products, the Enlist technology will give growers greater flexibility in using a new 2,4-D product. Growers will be able to plant immediately after product application, as compared to the delays currently required by 2,4-D labeling. Enlist also gives growers a new tool against glyphosate-resistant and hard-to-control weeds.

“M.S. Technologies is excited to partner with Dow AgroSciences on this innovative technology, which will set the new standard for weed control and yield performance in soybeans, allowing growers to maximize per-acre profits,” says Joseph Merschman, president, M.S. Technologies.

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