An international conference on feed efficiency in pork production is planned for Nov. 8-9 in Omaha, Neb. The conference, scheduled to take place at the Qwest Center, will focus on all aspects of feed efficiency in grow/finish hogs.

The agenda will feature more than a dozen topics, including feed management, nutrition and genetic selection as well as the role of dietary amino acids on feed efficiency. The conference will provide results of the latest scientific research in the areas of nutrition, health, feed processing, barn management, genetics, immunology and physiology. People with a strong technical interest in pork production, such as pork producers, industry suppliers, nutritionists, consultants, veterinarians and researchers, should consider attending.

The conference will be held at the Qwest Center which conveniently links to the Hilton Hotel located in downtown Omaha.

Program developers include John Patience, Iowa State University; Mike Tokach, Kansas State University; and Joel DeRouchey, Kansas State University. For more information, contact Patience at or Tokach at More information on the event is available at