A new soft-cover book provides farmers and ranchers guidance on state and federal income and estate tax laws to assure effi cient transfer of their estates. The 16th edition of Farm Estate and Business Planning by Neil Harl, agricultural economist, is now available in both print and eBook formats.

The book provides detailed advice on assuring worry-free retirement using wills, trusts, insurance and outside investments as estate-planning tools, Plus, you will read about ways to save on estate-settlement costs and an approach to setting up a plan that will eliminate family arguments and friction. The book contains extensive coverage of tax legislation passed in December 2010 and updates the 26 chapters with recent developments in farm and ranch estate planning and business planning. The updated book is written in easy-to-read language and is designed for use by farm and ranch families.

Farm Estate and Business Planning also includes discussions about employment taxes, formation and advantages of using business entities, federal farm payments, state laws on corporate ownership of farmland, federal gift tax law, annuities, installment obligations and charitable deductions, all with an eye to the most effi cient farm transfer to heirs.
The new 16th edition is available in print and can be downloaded from the Agricultural Law Press at AgriLawPress.com.