A new proprietary feed additive can now help you optimize sow efficiency, colostrum quality and piglet growth.

Purina Animal Nutrition’s Healthy Edge Technology for sows is supported by multiple research studies at the company’s research center, universities and field trials.

Beyond such traditional performance metrics as the number of pigs per sow per year, sow producers also value piglet size and weight at weaning, short return to estrus, sow and young pig health and minimum death loss. Healthy Edge Technology can help deliver upon all of these key sow producer needs.

“Sows that are expected to produce 30 pigs per sow per year must be fed properly,” says Elena Lindemann, livestock marketing director with Purina Animal Nutrition. “Healthy Edge Technology supports intake during lactation and helps deliver up to 1.7 more full-potential pigs — those weighing 8 pounds or more at weaning — per sow per year.”

For additional information on Healthy Edge Technology, visit healthyedgetech.com or call (800) 227-8941.