If you’re looking for meat and poultry statistics, look no further. The American Meat Institute has launched the group’s 2011 edition of Meat and Poultry Facts, the industry’s leading statistical book.

The 40th edition of this popular resource contains the latest statistics on production, consumption, prices, imports, exports, employment, wages and much more. The book was compiled by John Nalivka, president of Sterling Marketing.

In 2011, the industry witnessed a sharp increase in U.S. pork exports to Japan, Korea and China. Both pork and beef exports set new records.

However, Nalivka points out that as the U.S. meat and poultry industry enters 2012, challenges will become greater because cattle supplies and beef production are expected to be very tight and continue to decline. “Consolidation, global demand and currencies will increasingly be the watchwords of the industry during 2012,” he predicts.

The regular price for the 2011 edition of Meat and Poultry Facts is $20 for AMI members and $40 for non-members. For additional information, contact Jessica Mosley, AMI, at jmosley@meatami.com or (202) 587-4252. You also may purchase a copy of the book from AMI at http://bit.ly/wR2yVR.