Your electronic grain marketing programs just got easier with a new mobile application to simplify and provide flexibility for buying and selling corn, soybeans, wheat and sorghum. Pioneer Hi-Bred and Farms Technology have announced an enhancement to allow growers to make an offer directly from their mobile devices. Dynamic Pricing Platform grain desk helps grain sellers make, manage and monitor offers.

“DPP grain desk continues to provide growers the flexibility to execute cash sales on their crops the entire 17.5 hours commodity markets are in session and gives grain merchandisers tools to service customers around the clock,” says Tonia Carpenter, Pioneer senior marketing manager. “Now, growers can make an offer directly to their preferred buyer from their mobile device.

“This flexibility allows for complete remote trading opportunities in an instant. With commodity markets more volatile than ever, it’s challenging to watch for price movement that might impact grain marketing decisions and be in a position to act on the volatility if desired,” Carpenter adds. “This marketing tool provides growers the opportunity to sell grain no matter where they are and helps streamline the connection with their buyer, especially when markets are moving fast or after regular business hours.”

It’s a win for both buyers and sellers. “This technology conveniently connects buyers and sellers,” Carpenter says, “and now the mobile application is as robust as the online version.”

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