This new, lightweight LED light fixture provides operators a powerful and efficient fixture with lower maintenance and higher reliability compared to traditional fluorescent fixtures.

The EPL- 48-2L-LED explosion-proof light fi xture from Larson Electronics’ is a powerful, upgradeable, lightweight and affordable lighting solution that gives operators in hazardous locations an immediate solution to their HAZLOC lighting needs.

Designed for heavy-duty use, this light fi xture is built on a platform similar to fl uorescent paint booth fi xtures but offers greatly increased performance through the inclusion of LED tubes instead of fluorescents.

Rated at 50,000 hours of operation and with a color temperature of 5300k, the LED tubes in these fixtures offer more effi cient operation and longer life without sacrificing light quality or output.

Larson Electronics’ carries an extensive line of explosion-proof LED lights, hazardous-location lights, intrinsically safe LED lights, portable explosion-proof lights and intrinsically safe LED fl ashlights.

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