Doane Advisory Services, AgriVisor, LLC and Pro Farmer have partnered to offer the Crossover Insight program, enabling row-crop producers to diversify the way they manage price risk at participating elevators.

“Grain marketing has never been more treacherous than in the current environment,” says Clayton Pope, manager, AgriVisor. “Risk diversification should be a key element of any risk-management plan. This is an excellent vehicle to provide for such diversification, and what better way is there than to tap into the expertise of three of the industry’s key advisory firms?”

In the program, a producer forward-contracts a specific number of bushels through any of the three participating analysts, who then use their individual strategies to determine when to sell the grain. Each time a sale is made, the producer will receive a voice message explaining how much was sold and the reason why.

 “With the Crossover Insight program, farmers are utilizing professional analysts to make the decisions on pricing enrolled bushels,” according to Cory Winstead, AgriVisor senior MaxVisor field representative.

Producers who enroll in the program by Aug. 31 will be covered by the “Rainy Days” promotion, which provides a 1-cent discount per bushel off the cost of the program for each day in April 2012 that receives more than 1.5 inches of rain.

“Weather is the single most unpredictable risk that farmers face,” says Graham Utter, AgriVisor senior risk manager. “AgriVisor has a way to protect that risk through using weather derivatives. The Rainy Days promotion is a zero-cost way producers who enroll in the 2012 Insight Program can get a taste of how weather derivatives work.”

A series of meetings are planned through September. Representatives from AgriVisor, Doane and Pro Farmer will present their outlook on today’s markets. To enroll in one of these meetings, contact your local elevator for more information.

Each of the three participating organizations is dedicated to providing producers with marketing information, commentary and advice, as well as multiple products and services to assist with grain marketing.