DuPont and Biotique Systems have entered into a research alliance to accelerate genetic discovery in agricultural crops and to bring better products to farmers faster.

Under the agreement, Biotique will provide knowledge and access to its proprietary TITAN solution for next-generation sequence management, marker analysis and genotype to phenotype association. DuPont business Pioneer Hi-Bred will have access to the platform for agricultural applications and will retain all intellectual property for its genetic information and crops produced as a result of the alliance. 

“Our work with sequencing the genes in corn plants is helping us improve the crop faster than ever,” says John Soper, vice president of Pioneer Crop Genetics Research and Development.  “This alliance will help us bring those advancements to other crops faster, an important part of increasing farmer productivity to meet future agriculture demands.”

Recent improvements in sequencing technologies have greatly increased the pace of sequence data accumulation, and new information platforms are essential to translate the data into knowledge, and then to customer value.  The Biotique platform also allows efficient handling and analysis of the millions of DNA sequence data-points that Pioneer generated through the use of second- and third-generation sequencing technologies. 

“Pioneer is an excellent choice for an agricultural research alliance,” says Stephen Sanders, co-founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Biotique Systems.  “We’re committed to developing and advancing the use of the latest genetic technologies in crop science, health care and diagnostics.  Pioneer was an early leader in genetic-marker technology in applying next-generation sequencing in crop production and has effectively leveraged this important technology for agricultural applications.”

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