To help clean and maintain medicators in swine barns here is an exciting new solution. Medicator Rx is a water-soluble concentrate with Aqua Lube that removes rust, bio-deposits and calcifications. It also lubricates the medicator’s interior seals and all moving components.

Medicator Rx can be used

in two ways:

1) Cleaning in-line and

2) Deep cleaning.

For in-line cleaning, between medicating and vaccinating cycles, mix one packet into 16 ounces of water, turn the water on to inject the Medicator Rx solution into the medicator and let it sit overnight.

For deep cleaning, without scrubbing, disassemble the medicator and soak the parts in the Medicator Rx solution for 12 to 24 hours.

The product is recommended to use when performing maintenance or repairs on medicators. For Medicator Rx directions and a MSDS sheet go to For more information, go to or call (800) 523-8499.