Now, you will have many new options available when deciding on soybean planting next spring. Recently, 34 Pioneer brand soybean varieties passed final scrutiny from the company’s research and development department and will be commercially available to producers for planting in 2013.

“Our goal is to provide a full complement of soybeans that yield consistently for farmers year after year,” says Don Schafer, Pioneer senior soybean marketing manager.

“This final evaluation on growers’ farms helps us develop a profile of where the product fits on each acre for our customers,” Schafer says. The 2013 class of Pioneer soybean varieties is a solid group of products, he says, with performance packages of agronomic and defensive traits that provide choices to match the right product with the right acre.

All of the new Pioneer soybean varieties were developed using the Accelerated Yield Technology system enabling soybean researchers to scan and identify genes responsible for important traits and then incorporate them into additional soybean lines.

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