The PorkBridge producer education sessions are set for 2009. Anyone involved in the daily care of grow/finish pigs can benefit from this convenient learning opportunity. The program content for all six PorkBridge sessions deals with decisions related to the grow/finish phase, and topics include ventilation, handling, health regimens and feed management.

While the sessions follow a specific schedule, participation takes place at your home via a computer presentation which is sent out about a week ahead of each session. With speaker phones and projectors or large monitors at your location, the sessions can be viewed by several workers at once.

All PorkBridge sessions begin at noon Central time and run for an hour. Equipment requirements to participate include telephone access and a computer with a CD drive. Participants call in to listen to the the speaker and follow along with the presentation. Each session includes an audience question-and-answer opportunity.

Dates, topics and presenters for the sessions are:

  • March 5: Current Swine Health Challenges and Solutions, John Waddell, DVM, Sutton Veterinary Clinic
  • May 7: Managing Water, Tom Guthrie, Michigan State University
  • July 2: Energy Use and Conservation for Swine Barns, Jay Harmon, Iowa State University
  • Sept. 3: Manure Value and Alteration of Composition, John Lory, University of Missouri
  • Nov. 5: Packer Perspectives on Quality of Hogs, Collette Shultz-Kaster and Roger Johnson, Farmland Foods
  • Jan. 7, 2010: Marketing Your Hogs at the Ideal Weight, Mike Tokach, Kansas State University

Cost for the six-session package is $125. To participate in the first session, registration and payment must be received by Feb. 20. To access an online brochure for the PorkBridge program, click here. For more information, contact Sherry Hoyer, Iowa Pork Industry Center, (515) 294-4496 or e-mail