Whether you own or supervise a pork operation, as the boss, you are an employee's daily contact with the business or company. That
experience is critical to influencing an employee's job satisfaction and ultimately determining whether he or she will re-main with the

Coaching and mentoring is important to employees regardless if they are new on staff or a seasoned worker. Coaching and mentoring require an investment in time, energy and money. But the payoff can be substantial.

Here Loretta Leman, with Swine Graphics Enterprises, offers some tips.

Effective coaches and mentors:

1. Are accessible and approachable.

2. Explain how things work and get done.

3. Create growth experiences; provide job shadowing opportunities for employees.

4. Set high expectations; hold people accountable for their actions.

5. Help employees remove and avoid obstacles to their work.

6. Offer challenging ideas; provoke thought and creativity.

7. Confront negative, non-productive behaviors and direct change.

8. Teach others by example.

9. Encourage professional, ethical behavior.

10. Share business philosophies, beliefs and knowledge.

11. Offer wise counsel; express and exhibit company values.

12. Address employee concerns; tend to the "little things".

13. Evaluate employee progress; give honest performance feedback.

14. Offer encouragement and support in critical situations.