Consumers can say goodbye to dry, tough pork and prime themselves for an ulitmate pork eating experience just like eating the highest cuts of beef, say Seaboard Farms' officials.

The new PrairieFresh Prime products feature a patent-pending infusion process of a precise blend of lean pork protein and fat, 1/8-inch external fat trim levels. The products are statiscally sampled for pH and texture. Animals are fed proprietary grain-based diets.

Benefits that the products offer, according to Seaboard officials, include pork with the highest degree of flavor, tenderness and juiciness that eats like the highest cuts of beef. The products maintain the healthy aspects of lean pork with added flavor and tenderness, guarantee a high degree of juiciness and tenderness, and as they point out, are nutrient-rich, tender and delicious.

Source: Seaboard Farms