Seaboard Foods has expanded its PrairieFresh Prime products by adding cook-in-the-bag pork loin-back ribs to the line. The ribs can be cooked from a fresh or frozen state in 1 hour.

The PrairieFresh Prime Cook-In Bag Pork Loin Backribs use a combination of new cook-in bag technology and the PrairieFresh Prime meat infusion process, say Seaboard officials. The ribs have been created for retail delis and foodservice establishments that don't have access to smokehouse equipment or smoking expertise.

The pork backribs are available in options featuring unseasoned ribs or seasoned with smoky BBQ flavoring. The loin-back ribs Seaboard's other PrairieFresh Prime pork products, which include pork chops, loin roasts and steamship leg of pork.