The Schwan’s man will likely be delivering more pork this holiday season thanks to a new checkoff-funded promotion called Dinner is Solved.

Schwan's Home Delivery Service sells door-to-door to more than 5 million customers across the continental United States, and reaches even more consumers on the Internet. The company will feature nine items carrying the pork checkoff logo.

Those featured items include: Boneless pork-loin chop, thick-sliced bacon, summer sausage, pepper bacon, barbeque boneless pork-loin back ribs, center cut pork chops, herb and garlic seasoned boneless pork roast, boneless ham and pork filets.

"While chops are a good seller all year long, other items are traditionally more seasonal," explains Sharon Hennen, pork producer and meat buyer for Schwan's Home Delivery Service. "This promotion will help level demand for pork throughout the year. Pork sales during this promotion are expected to be 40 percent more than a year ago."

That 40 percent equals approximately 6,500 hogs based on a dressed carcass weight of 187 pounds.