Seniors across the country are beating the winter blues with tropical pork entrees, thanks to the new “Cruising the Caribbean” program from Sodexho USA’s Senior Services Division.

At 500 adult retirement communities across the United States, men and women participated in a virtual Caribbean cruise in December, visiting four ports of call to enjoy food and entertainment. Week one offered Filete de Cerdo (Pork Tenderloin Caribbean), while week two featured Caribbean pork and mango salad. Week three showcased Caribbean pork and couscous salad, while week four served up citrus marinated roast pork tournedos.

“This is a fun monotony breaker that’s used in conjunction with activity directors to promote socialization through the dining experience,” says Howard Greenblatt, national foodservice marketing manager for the National Pork Board. “It also showcases pork’s versatility through Caribbean-style menus during the four week period.”

The promotion, which included colorful signage and decorations, impacted 125,000 people on a daily basis. Incremental tonnage was projected at 1.3 million pounds, including tenderloins, center-cut pork loins, and pork chops.

“Sodexho USA’s Senior Services Division has been a good market for us through the years,” says Greenblatt, who notes that the NPB and Sodexho already have four pork promotions mapped out for 2009. “When we leverage pork checkoff dollars through these partnerships, it makes pork promotions much more cost effective.”

Source: NPB