Restaurants and supermarkets are finding creative ways to celebrate October Pork Month. Golden Corral’s “Italian Bistro Nights” is offering classic Italian dishes like a rosemary herb encrusted pork loin with roasted rosemary vegetables.   The Italian Bistro Night products will be in addition to the endless dinner buffet supported with Golden Corral’s unique value message.

The Golden Corral promotion is scheduled to run for four weeks in October with TV and in-restaurant point-of-sale support.

The Kroger Co. will have a fresh pork focus for all 2,400+ stores during the full month of October to celebrate Pork Month. Kroger is using three tactics: 

1 - A customized point-of-sale kit to build displays and highlight fresh pork with consumers;
2 - In-store radio will drive consumers that are in the store to the meat department to purchase pork; and
3 - coupons to the meat dept personnel set to engage customers and discuss the attributes of pork.

October Pork Month is a special celebration that began in 1962 when the Iowa Pork Producers Association’s Board of Directors passed a resolution declaring October as Iowa Pork Month. Today, state pork associations still play a key role in promoting pork, both now and throughout the year.

In celebration of October Pork Month, here are fun facts about The Other White Meat:

• Pork is the world’s most widely consumed meat.

• Iowa is the nation’s leader in pork production. Iowa farmers sell more than 25 million hogs each year, which represents one-fourth of total U.S. production.

• The saying “living high on the hog” started among enlisted men in the U.S. Army, who received shoulder and leg cuts of pork while officers received the top loin cuts. The phrase came to mean living well.

• Wall Street got its name because free-roaming hogs were famous for rampaging through the valuable grain fields of colonial New York City farmers. The Manhattan Island residents chose to block the troublesome hogs with a long, permanent wall on the northern edge of what is now Lower Manhattan. A street came to border this wall - named aptly enough, Wall Street.