Internet commerce has become big business, and agriculture isn't being left out. Farm Warehouse, an Internet site from a division of Applied Industrial Technologies, offers you the opportunity to purchase farm equipment parts and supplies online.

You will find the site at It offers everything from seals and belts to hand cleaners and other general farm and home supplies. The site is open for business 24 hours a day and offers more than 5,000 items, with more on the way.

Convenience is one of the goals. Once you've ordered something from the site, it updates your purchase history, which is available for your review and reordering use. "Our objective is to make maintenance and repair parts available easily and quickly, especially for farmers who are not close to a supply store and need an item in a hurry," says Thomas Brown, project director.

After you place your order online using your credit card, your purchases are shipped via UPS from the inventory base in Kansas City, Mo. It typically takes two to three days for you to receive the item.