Convenience and quality has made its way to the meat case? RMH Foods, a family-run meat producer in Morton, Ill., has changed the look of the meat case with their refrigerated, pre-cooked Quick-N-Easy Gourmet Entrees.

Found in the fresh meat section, RMH's Quick-N-Easy Gourmet Entrees bring slow cooked, perfectly spiced meats to the dinner table in a vacuum-sealed container that locks in freshness and locks out harmful bacteria.

Now consumers of all ages can enjoy their freshly prepared, slow cooked favorites without the hassle. Entrees in the Quick-N-Easy product line include: pot roast with gravy; pork roast in bourbon sauce; home style pork roast w/gravy; prime rib; meatloaf with gravy; top sirloin steaks in bourbon sauce; beef in barbecue sauce; and chicken breasts in tequila lime sauce.