The next time consumers purchase fresh pork products, they won’t have to look far for a recipe. The National Pork Board is continuing its checkoff-funded recipe label program, developed to help educate consumers on how to select and prepare pork.

NPB designs the labels for retailers to print and apply to packages of fresh pork cuts. For example, a label on a package of pork chops may show how to marinate the chops in Italian dressing before cooking, then provide instructions on cooking time and temperature.

According to in-store tests, the on-pack pork recipe labels have resulted in an average 6 percent increase in fresh pork sales. These labels drive pork sales because they answer consumer questions about how to prepare the meat, say NPB officials. The labels also give consumers confidence to try new items.

The recipe label program is part of NPB’s Integrated Meat Case Program, which has helped organize meat cases in more than 16,000 grocery stores since 1996. They represent 55 percent of all the meat sold in U.S. retail grocery stores. The program helps retailers arrange the meat case by species, then by segment to coincide with the way consumers shop.

Other program components include recommended signage and meatcase layout. These two elements are crucial in helping customers navigate their way through self-service meat cases.

Retailers participating in the recipe label program include Kroger, Albertson’s, Winn-Dixie, Stop & Shop, Giant of Landover and Food Lion.