Here are some Web sites that are worth checking out.

Information on biodiesel and other biofuel topics is part of John Deere’s expanded content on its Web site. A detailed biofuels reference report and short video presenting John Deere’s position on biodiesel usage are two of the offerings. “The biodiesel content on the Web site will help provide farmers and others interested in biofuels with more detailed information on how these fuels can most effectively be produced and utilized as high-quality energy sources,” says the company.

The Agricultural Research Service is USDA’s main in-house research arm. The 2,100 ARS scientists coordinate research projects within 22 national programs “to develop and transfer solutions to agricultural problems and provide information access and dissemination.” The site provides insights into government and other research efforts and reports on those findings.

Iowa State University presents a Web site that offers an air-managementpractices assessment tool, research reports and publications, policy and regulations, news and events. The focus is on providing air-quality guidance, insight and solutions for individuals involved in animal agriculture.

At Farm Safety -- Spanish Resources, the Rutgers University Cooperative Extension Service provides information to build awareness of farm hazards and minimize risks to reduce injuries in the agricultural industry. The site offers guidance, instruction and various resources in health, safety and worker protection in Spanish for agricultural workers.