Here are some Web sites that are worth checking out:

  • The Swine Health Report, published by the National Institute of Animal Agriculture. The quarterly newsletter provides the latest information on issues pertinent to swine-health initiatives, strategies, research and regulatory action. You can read issues online or sign up for a subscription to receive a hard copy.
  • This Web site provides information on mycotoxins and ways to overcome the repercussions. At this interactive site you can participate in discussion forums and Web casts with industry experts. Presented by Alltech, the goal is to deliver updated technical and practical information to individuals searching for ways to maintain animal health.
  • is dedicated to informing policy-makers, the media and the public about the national ethanol policy’s impact on the meat industry, consumers, land and air resources, and more. The American Meat Association and other related industry groups are sponsoring the Web site as part of a broader coalition.