Raleigh-based environmental company BGP has designed a mobile environmental clean-up unit that can be deployed within hours of a natural disaster, bioterrorism act or the outbreak of disease. It can also be used on agricultural waste. Using a patented process called “gasification,” the portable unit from BGP can vaporize up to 25 tons of hazardous waste per day, while destroying all disease-causing microbes. 

The gasifiers can be put to work cleaning up agricultural waste from hog and poultry farms. The output is a sterile ash that can be used to make concrete. “When you think about turning hog waste into something like cement for parking lots, you realize this is a winner for everyone,” says David Robinson, company president.

From an environmental standpoint, the U.S. Government sees bioterrorism as a very real threat to Americans. “Officials have asked us to help them prepare a response that is quick, flexible and safe for the environment,” Robinson says. “Because it’s designed to destroy disease-causing organisms, the gasifier also has the potential to prevent a lot of human misery in the aftermath of natural disasters such as hurricanes.”