Although Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have the right and authority to investigate an employer’s hiring practices related to immigrants by reviewing the I-9 forms, there are steps that employers can take to ensure that their rights are represented.

Houston-based law firm Alaniz & Schraeder LLP, which specializes in labor relations, reports an increase in ICE activity surrounding I-9 forms. Among the industries receiving a closer look are meat, agriculture and construction.

For employers that receive a “Notice of Inspection” from ICE, which officially requests a review of I-9 forms, the firm offers these tips:

  • •Be aware that ICE agents are required to give at least three days advance notice before inspecting I-9 forms.
  • Don’t allow ICE agents to remove any documents without a proper warrant.
  • Don’t let ICE agents interview employees without a proper warrant.
  • Seek legal counsel immediately.