Looking after the well-being of my animals helps me deliver the high-quality, wholesome products my customers expect. That commitment to health and safety is the key to my success. And, more importantly, I believe it’s the right thing to do.

Some outside groups don’t want our customers to hear about everything we do to care for our animals and ensure they’re raised responsibly. They generalize the terrible behavior of a few individuals and apply it to the vast majority of us who do things the right way.

That’s why I’m committed to telling my story through programs like PQA Plus®. PQA Plus allows me to reassure my customers that I’m committed to delivering the best animal care and, ultimately, the best pork products. Because if I’m not out there telling the public the real story of U.S. pork production, then who will?

I’m Phil Borgic, and Illinois pork producer, and I’m PQA Plus® certified.

Borgic and his wife, Karen, run a farrow-to-wean operation on their 270-acre farm in Nokomis, Ill.