"We definitely recognize the hard economic times that pork producers are going through,” said Tim Bierman, President of the National Pork Board. “Going through PQA Plus, you can find some efficiencies through that certification, so hopefully it will pay off for the producer.”

As producers face increased pressures from the economy, hectic schedules in their operations, and even pressures of the fall harvest for some, PQA Plus® recertification is likely not the first thing on their minds. Remember, PQA Plus certification is valid for three years, and as an Advisor, you can play a key role in ensuring producers meet their recertification needs and that your schedule is not overwhelmed by last-minute demand. Click here to hear the complete interview with Tim Bierman, and read more about recertification best practices.

How can you make the certification and recertification process easier for producers?

  • Be organized. Keep a spreadsheet of which producers and employees are certified and when they need renewals.
  • Be prepared. Have training readily available for your producers.
  • Be proactive. One producer in Minnesota said she sends packets out to employees who need to be recertified. “We are proactive with it and let them know it’s coming, because it’s not first priority when doing day-to-day chores” she said.
  • Be aware. Know which packers are requiring PQA Plus certification, and help your producers recognize these industry trends.

For more information about the PQA Plus certification process and requirements, visit www.pork.org.