If you plant soybeans, you have a new information source for the 2008 growing season. Iowa StateUniversity and the Iowa Soybean Association have developed a comprehensive soybean resource — “The Soybean Disease & Pest Management Field Guide.” It contains the latest science-based recommendations on planting tips to increase yield, including the most profitable plant population for today’s seed varieties, row spacing recommendations and planting date recommendations.

The guide also includes a section on identifying soybean diseases that limit yield. The insect identification section includes images that will let you easily identify insects that damage the crop, as well as beneficial insects that help keep others under control.

The book is designed to fit in a pocket or a glove compartment. The field guide’s pages are laminated for durability as you take it into the field.

You can get a copy by calling ISA at (800) 383-1423, or through the Iowa State University Extension Distribution Center, (515) 294-5247.