Pork industry survey conducted by the National Pork Producers Council’s Strategic Investment Plan ranked the importance of environmental issues confronting the industry.

The survey revealed that water quality and air quality are the two environmental issues that will have the most impact on pork operations in the next few years. Seventy percent of the survey respondents said the industry should focus on those two issues to improve the industry’s  overall performance.

Antibiotic use, respiratory issues and greenhouse-gas emissions also were cited as issues that require the industry’s attention in the future.

The survey tallied responses from 183 of NPPC’s Strategic Investment Program members out of 434 questionnaires sent. Of those responding, 74 percent were owners, 11 percent contract feeders, 5 percent facility managers and 7 percent environmental managers.

In an effort to rank the importance of environmental issues relative to other issues facing the industry, the survey asked which issues were the most serious.