PQA Plus® Advisors are completing site assessments every day. However, many producers are pushing back their site assessments. One factor frequently preventing producers from completing site assessments is fear of the unknown, or even the misconception that the assessment is a “pass/fail” scenario or audit, resulting in a feeling similar to what we might experience if your home was being “inspected” by someone you respected in home maintenance and cleaning. 

To help ease tensions many producers are experiencing, Advisors are recommended to come to each site assessment with as much prepared beforehand as possible. Advisors can also assist by proactively seeking out producers to complete site assessments. If a producer has a great assessment experience, ask them to come speak to a group of other producers or use their story as an anecdote to share with other producers who may be more apprehensive about the assessment. 

Because Advisors have a lot on their plates, NPB created several tools to assist PQA Plus® Advisors with preparations for site assessments. Such tools include the PQA Plus® Advisor refresher course designed to serve as a reference both before a site assessment. This helps you prepare before the assessments, record data during an assessment, and offers quick references to assist in calculations and recording during the assessment.

Here is a sampling of the information in the refresher course:

  • Determining the number of pigs to assess
  • How to determine body composition scores
  • Emergency Backup System requirements
  • Safe euthanasia
  • Tables to record animal evaluations
  • Proper handling and movement techniques to follow
  • Final steps to consider when wrapping up assessments

Click here to access a PDF of the PQA Plus Site Assessment Pocket Guide. If you would like additional information about site assessments, best practices and preparation techniques, please visit  www.pork.org, or contact us with specific questions at (800) 456-PORK.