Pork magazine and the National Pork Board offer a new, interactive Pork Quality Assurance Plus® (PQA Plus®) Resource Center at www.PorkMag.com/PQAPlus. The popular PQA Plus program is a workable, credible and affordable solution to assure food safety and animal care that will help meet the needs of customers including restaurants, food retailers and consumers.

“The PQA Plus Resource Center on PorkMag.com will allow pork producers to enhance their quality pork production methods as well as allow consumers, retailers and others to see videos and read stories from real pork producers on how they humanely produce pork for a hungry world,” says Pork magazine editor Marlys Miller.

Funded by the Pork Checkoff, the new PQA Plus Resource Center is a portal to all National Pork Board articles and information on the PQA Plus program, along with Pork and AgNetwork articles, news, videos, podcasts and other resources.

Available videos include those with a positive message about pork production.

"We believe all pork producers should participate in the PQA Plus program," said Steve Weaver, a California pork producer and president of the National Pork Board. "We ask all producers to visit the site, become PQA Plus certified and become an advocate for the program. The higher the participation in the program, the more we demonstrate our industry’s commitment to responsible pork production to our processors and consumers."

The PQA Plus program is a three-year certification program which includes producer training and certification, an assessment of on-farm animal well-being which can result in PQA Plus site status and a survey to evaluate implementation of PQA Plus in the industry.