PQA Plus Webinars June 23, 24
Two Pork Quality Assurance Plus Webinars have been scheduled. The first, conducted in Spanish, is set for June 23 at 2 p.m. CST.

PQA Plus Advisor Recertification Sessions Set  
People who become certified as Pork Quality Assurance Plus Advisors under the National Pork Board's PQA Plus program are required to recertify every three years.

More than 41,000 Pork Producers PQA Plus Certified  
If you haven’t taken this important step, now’s a great time to achieve PQA Plus certification and PQA Plus site status.

PQA Plus Webinar in Spanish, Feb. 24
A Pork Quality Assurance Plus Webinar in Spanish is set for Feb. 24 at 3 p.m. CST. The event is an opportunity for pork producers to offer their Latino employees PQA Plus certification in a convenient and effective way.

NPB Sets Aggressive PQA Plus Goal
The National Pork Board has set a goal of June 30 for all U.S. pork producers to be PQA Plus certified. In addition, a follow-up goal is to have all pork production sites assessed by Dec. 31.

10,000 Iowa Pork Producers Now PQA Plus Certified
Iowa pork producers have embraced the industry-wide Pork Quality Assurance Plus program.  In about two years, more than 10,000 Iowa pork producers, employees and other personnel have become certified in the PQA Plus program.

Staying Ahead of the Recertification Crunch
"We definitely recognize the hard economic times that pork producers are going through,” said Tim Bierman, President of the National Pork Board.    

Equipped with the Facts: H1N1
On Sept. 15, Pork Checkoff held a webinar for ag media representatives to share the facts and emergency action plans regarding the H1N1 influenza virus.  

Advisor to Advisor: Using Assessments as a Teaching Tools
“An assessment is a teaching tool that allows you to evaluate processes going on at a specific point in time on the farm,” says PQA Plus® Advisor Dr. Mitch Michalak of Ohio.           

Preparing Producers for PQA Plus Assessments
PQA Plus Advisors are completing site assessments every day.        

State Associations Offering PQA Plus Assessment Rebates
Many state associations are encouraging producers to complete their PQA Plus site assessments before the Pork Checkoff goal of having all sites assessed by December 2010.    

Gaining Trust Through On-farm Assessments
To reassure the public that pork producers are doing the right thing, leaders like Phil Borgic are taking advantage of voluntary, on-farm assessments as part of the industry’s Pork Quality Assurance Plus® (PQA Plus®) program to support continuous improvement and offer proof of performance to those who ask.

Biosecurity: Be Prepared for H1N1
With flu season just around the corner, it is likely that we have not seen the end of novel H1N1, or “swine flu,” as the media is calling the virus.

IPPA Unveils Pork Quality Assurance Plus Site Status Rebate Program
The Iowa Pork Producers Association is now offering $100 rebates to Iowa pork producers who complete PQA Plus Site Assessments prior to Dec. 31.

PQA Plus Resource Center Launched On Porkmag.Com
Pork magazine and the National Pork Board offer a new, interactive Pork Quality Assurance Plus® (PQA Plus®) Resource Center.

National Pork Checkoff Board Calls For Action On We Care, PQA Plus
The National Pork Board has adopted a resolution urging all U.S. pork producers to become certified in the Pork Quality Assurance Plus® program by June 30, 2010, and to achieve PQA Plus® site status by Dec. 31, 2010. 

What to Expect from a PQA Plus Assessment 
Are you ready to demonstrate that “you care” as part of the industry’s “We Care” program? For anyone who’s completed the Pork Quality Assurance Plus educational certification, the next level is the PQA Plus Site Assessment.

PQA Plus Helps Provide Proof
Karen Richter is one of 22,000 producers who had received PQA Plus certification by February 2009. 

Hormel Builds Customer Trust
Hormel Foods of Austin, Minn., recently announced that by Dec. 31, all hogs that the company purchases will be raised by producers certified in the Checkoff’s Pork Quality Assurance Plus (PQA Plus) and Transport Quality Assurance programs.      

Pork Act Delegates Overwhelmingly Support Pork Quality Assurance Plus
Pork Act delegates at the recent National Pork Industry Forum passed two resolutions dealing with Pork Quality Assurance Plus participation.

National Pork Board Applauds Hormel Foods Commitment to PQA Plus
The National Pork Board recognizes Hormel Foods for its commitment to the Pork Quality Assurance Plus and Transport Quality Assurance programs.

PQA Plus Momentum Grows
To assure consumers they are purchasing the safest product possible, 11,596 pork producers have become certified in Pork Quality Assurance Plus.

PQA Plus reaches milestone, industry program 10,000-strong
Reaffirming their commitment to the U.S. pork industry and its customers, 10,000 pork producers have become certified in PQA Plus.

PQA Plus Takes Effect
Now that Pork Quality Assurance III is history, you can maintain your certification through Pork Quality Assurance Plus, the Pork Checkoff's new program designed to assure food safety and good animal care.

Pork Quality Assurance Plus: The Official Launch of the Program
The Pork Quality Assurance Plus program was officially launched today at World Pork Expo in Des Moines, Iowa.

10 Things You Should Know About PQA Plus
It’s true, on June 7, 2007, PQA Level III will be replaced by PQA Plus. What that means to you is that if your PQA certification is due to expire on or after June 7, PQA Plus training will be available for you to participate in.

Evolving to Satisfy a Changing Market
This June’s launch of the new PQA Plus program again shows pork industry’s longrunning penchant for being proactive in meeting customer needs.

Murphy-Brown Moves Forward on PQA Plus
Murphy-Brown officials report that the firm is on schedule to complete the certification and farm-site assessments of the Pork Quality Assurance Plus program for all of its U.S. company-owned and contract grower pork production farms before year's end.

Check out PQA Plus
The National Pork Board and the National Pork Producers Council have created the Pork Quality Assurance Plus program for pork producers and their staffs to assess and assure on-farm production practices that promote food safety and animal care.

Hormel Foods Commits to PQA Plus
Hormel Foods recently announced that all hogs purchased by Dec. 31, 2009, will be raised by pork producers who are certified in Pork Quality Assurance Plus, have completed well-being assessments on their farms and have Transport Quality Assurance certification.

PQA Plus Program Offers Producer Fact Sheet
Pork producers are encouraged to learn about the Pork Quality Assurance Plus program and how it fits in their pork production future.

PQA Plus: Social Responsibility, Safe Pork and Animal Care
Pioneer Hi-Bred, Ford, John Deere, McDonald’s and Sears — what do they have in common? All are companies that have chosen to make themselves accountable to their customers, employees and communities.