Pork made the list of foods that are redefining 2008, as indicated by People magazine’s February Style Watch issue.

Famous for its “what’s in” and “who’s hot” type of listings, People magazine is a big seller, especially with woman and young adults.

“The magazine notes that pork is ‘what’s in,’ especially when it’s used in unexpected ways,” says Ceci Snyder, National Pork Board’s assistant vice president of consumer marketing. “This reflects the ‘Don’t be blah’ message that the pork checkoff has been communicating for several years.”

In the issue, Kara Nielsen, a “trendologist” with the San Francisco-based Center for Culinary Development, notes that there’s “more good pork available today” and that chefs are creating more novel dishes. She cites Le Pigeon restaurant in Portland, Ore., as an example. The restaurant serves apricot cornbread with bacon bits and maple ice cream.

“With a consumer reach of nearly 2 million for this special edition, People Style Watch Magazine offers a powerful way to spread the good news about pork,” Snyder says. “This (listing) also shows that efforts to connect with influencers, ranging from magazine editors to culinary professionals are making a positive difference.”