No one would debate the dramatic impact that porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome has had on the global pork industry. It is certainly the most significant swine disease facing the pork industry worldwide.

The U.S. economic impact alone is estimated at $560 million to $762 million annually. Yet nearly 20 years after PRRS was first identified, there’s been little success in developing economical and effective control strategies, concludes a 22-member expert panel.

The University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine organized the panel this past June. It was charged with the task of reviewing research and preparing a white paper outlining the industry’s needs related to PRRS. “This is a significant advance in achieving scientific consensus about the knowledge gaps that need to be addressed in order to produce successful vaccination strategies to control PRRS,” organizers say.

The panel believes that the white paper could be used to guide future research and lead to effective vaccine strategies in five to 10 years.

To view the white paper, follow this link (PDF format).