Book: 10 Minute Guide to Business Communication
Author: Raymond M. Olderman
List Price: $10.95

Who couldn’t use some assistance with improving communication skills? In many businesses and with many people, effective communication is a lost art. This practical 138-page book can provide some assistance.

Let’s face it, “unskilled communication” in the workplace can lead to missed deadlines, unfilled orders, misdirected bills and, ultimately, lost business. The cure, according to Raymond Olderman, author and communications consultant, is focus, determination and practice.

The book is broken into several 10-minute lessons, which provide strategies and tips that help you get your message across with clarity, style and grace.

Among his how-to steps are suggestions for defining goals and approaches; developing effective oral and written communication techniques; developing better listening skills; dealing with peers, subordinates and superiors; conducting productive meetings; communicating across cultures; and resolving disagreements.

The final chapter in this series of easily digestible nuggets explains how to measure your newly polished communication abilities, which also provides guidance on areas that might need a bit more practice.