Book: Smarter, Faster, Better: Strategies for Effective, Enduring and Fulfilled Leadership
Author: Karlin Sloan 
List Price: $24.95

Don’t let the title fool you; acclaimed executive coach Karlin Sloan encourages casting aside the old notions of leadership. She contends that by asking questions, slowing down and searching for better solutions for the workplace, customers and beyond, business leaders can develop more than just their careers; they can carve out an enduring legacy.  And it can all start with five simple steps: Measure more than the bottom line; practice sustainable working styles; get everyone working together; give back to the community; and reduce your carbon footprint.

In Smarter, Faster, Better, Sloan uses real-life business scenarios to demonstrate how slowing down, taking time to reflect and focusing on the greater good can create a leader who is smarter, faster and better. Leaders at some of the nation’s most recognizable brands, including Yahoo!, Allstate and Rodale Press are taking notice and implementing Sloan’s principles in leadership development. 

In the 272-page book, Sloan offers a variety of self-assessments, habits, strategies and sustainable practices. She shows what it takes to make the move to the next level to become a leader who both grows the bottom line, and contributes to stakeholders and the world in a positive way. Based on research and the author’s extensive experience, she challenges readers: “What are your key strengths and what do you need to develop or leverage? What are you focused on now and what do you need to accomplish to really get ahead? Are your values in line with your work? What is the end you are trying to achieve?”

Among her long list of credentials, Sloan serves as adjunct faculty for The University of Pennsylvania Wharton Business School.