Book: Leadership on the Line: A Guide For Front Line Supervisors, Business Owners, and Emerging Leaders
Author: Ed Rehkopf
Cost: $19.95

It’s been said that “nice guys finish last,” but in today’s corporate world that theory is just not true.  In fact, the companies who are known for treating their employees well — UPS, Fed Ex, General Mills and Yahoo — are the frontrunners in today’s economy.  

“Great companies realize that employees are their most important resource,” says Leadership on the Line author, Ed Rehkopf. “They foster a leadership style that motivates leaders to serve their employees as well as their customers.”

Being the best leader is an evolutionary process, he says. It’s a gradual understanding of what makes people tick, of what motivates and de-motivates them, of what does and doesn’t work. Leadership on the Line is a handbook that breaks down the concept of leadership to its most fundamental elements, then rebuilds it one brick at a time to ensure that the reader is on the “same page” all the way through. Rehkopf defines leadership and lists its characteristics and principles. He talks about the manager’s responsibility to the workforce and the payoff for all parties when leadership is well done.

Logically written and easy to read, the 177-page book is full of pertinent examples. Although directed to the hospitality industry, the lessons are applicable to anyone in a leadership role. Rehkopf offers exercises for those who wish to use the book as an individual or group training tool. Each section is summarized for quick review, which makes it a great tool for either group learning or individual mentoring efforts.

The book is an excellent training tool for all levels of management and for those who aspire to become a manager or business owner some day.